Rube Goldberg Machine

Devin Altman   Matt Terrell   Anna Andreen   Whitney Paul  /  Cary Arberg  /  Luisa Contaifer


We built a 'Murica themed Rube Goldberg machine, complete with a Miley Cyrus cameo and 40-foot beer bong. 


I have a life, I swear.

Some writers spend a lot of their free time writing. I spend it working with clay and baking cakes. (The poop cake was a gift for a friend that babysat our dog, Wolfie. Wolfie objected to being babysat using the most clear form of communication a dog can use. All over their living room.)

The torso above (left) was hand built then hollowed out while leather hard. I patted slip over the surface to create the veiny texture and used a high-fire glaze to create the color depth. Marilyn (right) was also hand built using coils. She is life-size and hollow as well. She took about two months from start to finish.